Western Digital Encourages Kids Fighting Cancer to NEGU

The Jessie Rees Foundation is honored to partner with local, national and global companies who value the importance of giving back and encouraging Courageous Kids and families to NEGU. Each Compassionate Company devotes resources and support to ensure JoyJars are sent to kids fighting cancer. Contributing to something larger than you and helping others is an incredible team building experience. The Jessie Rees Foundation is fortunate to spread JOY to Courageous Kids and families around the world with the help of Compassionate Companies like Western Digital.

This year, Western Digital partnered with the Jessie Rees Foundation to not only sponsor 4,250 JoyJars, but also dedicated the time to stuff them and write countless encouragement cards between two events; the Western Digital SanDisk Worldwide Sales Meeting and a local Mobile JoyFactory stop at the Western Digital offices in Southern California. More than 600 Western Digital employees got the opportunity to stuff Jessie’s JOY and encourage Courageous Kids fighting cancer to Never Ever Give Up in 2017.

Western Digital employee Missy had the opportunity to stuff JoyJars and write encouragement cards at both Mobile JoyFactory events. She said, “A lot of thought and care for the families and siblings go into this. I didn’t realize the reach was so broad. It’s profound for such a young girl, given her situation to do so much– it means that much more.”

It was Jessie’s Wish to “please help every kid fighting cancer to Never Ever Give Up!” and generous contributions from private donors and Compassionate Companies like Western Digital that have enabled the Jessie Rees Foundation to send more than 165,000 of Jessie’s JoyJars to kids fighting cancer around the world.

When it comes to the kindness Western Digital has in giving back as a company, Anthony, a Western Digital employee said, “It means a lot to inject real humanity into our focused work environment. I feel like I am really giving back today – to those who truly need it. Jessie was incredible at such a young age and while facing such adversity to look past her own needs and lift the spirits of others.”

Thank you Western Digital for encouraging kids fighting cancer to Never Ever Give Up!