TeamNEGU Blog

Caring and compassionate people are the heart and soul of the Jessie Rees Foundation. Each week they graciously use their time and talents to help encourage courageous kids to Never Ever Give Up. In Orange County, people help out at the JoyFactory and support our annual events. Beyond Orange County, thousands more use their time to share our story, hold JoyDrives and host Courageous Cupcake Stands. We are so thankful for the countless volunteers that are spreading Jessie’s NEGU motto with others and filling JoyJars to send to Courageous Kids around the world. The team at Cisco recently did just that! 

After they got to stuff JoyJars in the JoyFactory in Irvine, CA we got this sweet note from Karla Rivera, on behalf of the Cisco PSW Partner Team…

“I wanted to convey our deeply felt appreciation for allowing Cisco to serve such a worthy cause. NEGU’s cause touches and resonates in the lives of kids, their families, and your volunteers beyond what we can imagine and we are so thankful to have been a part of it. Thank you for your wonderful heart to lead this organization… Our gratitude and pleasure to put joy in kids hearts and be a part of fulfilling Jessie’s beautiful and purposeful dream.” 

WOW!!! Thank you Cisco PSW Partner Team for taking time to spread JOY to Courageous Kids fighting cancer. NEGU!!!!

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