UBER Stuffs Jessie’s JoyJars for Kids Fighting Cancer

The Jessie Rees Foundation is honored to partner with local, national and global corporations who value the importance of giving back and encourage Courageous Kids and families to NEGU. The Mobile JoyFactory is an amazing, fun way for you, your Compassionate Company, and us to do some incredible work together helping kids fighting cancer SMILE. We are fortunate to spread JOY to Courageous Kids and families around the world with the help of Compassionate Companies like UBER!
The Mobile JoyFactory brought everything needed to stuff JOY to the team at UBER. Collectively, they stuffed 1,000 mini JoyJars at their headquarters in San Francisco and made countless notes of encouragement for kids fighting cancer.
One UBER employee said, “Thank you so much for creating such an amazing event for myself and those of us at Uber!”
The smile on the face of a child fighting cancer is priceless- and UBER got to create 1,000 smiles! Thank you UBER for helping kids fighting cancer Never Ever Give Up!
Do you work for a Compassionate Company that wants to spread JOY to Courageous Kids fighting cancer? Please visit