Toy of the Month: Headphones

One of the leaders in the childhood cancer space, St. Baldrick’s,  reports that each year over 300,000 children are diagnosed with cancer worldwide. While others strive to find a cure, the Jessie Rees Foundation is all about care for each child fighting cancer and their family. We will care until there is a cure.  

Make a lasting impact in the lives of kids fighting cancer, by putting amazing toys in Jessie’s JoyJars®!

For this month, we need your help collecting something Courageous Kids love – headphones! 


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Jessie’s JoyJars® are one of the many ways the Jessie Rees Foundation encourages kids fighting cancer to Never Ever Give Up. Jessie created her fun-filled JoyJars as a way to send hope and joy to her peers fighting cancer. She knew that fighting cancer made you feel lonely and limited, she also knew “love” stuffed in a jar was a great way to feel encouraged to Never Ever Give Up. Jessie personally sent over 3,000 JoyJars to kids during her fight. Today, more than 260,000 JoyJars have been stuffed and sent to Courageous Kids around the globe!

Jessie had some very important rules for stuffing the perfect JoyJar…

  1. NO cheesy toys!
  2. Jars need to be filled to the rim with toys–little to no air.
  3. Toys should be hospital approved and age appropriate.
  4. JoyJars should include one of Jessie’s NEGU bracelets–encouragement to Never Ever Give Up!!!