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The Importance of Company Culture

May 19, 2021

Early last month, Jessie’s Daddy Erik Rees, interviewed Matt Lane of Sales Benchmark Index and asked him to share some insights on why he prioritizes his company’s culture so much. As the Chief People Officer of his team, he manages their most important asset, their people. With a purpose-driven, values-based, and vision-focused culture, they spend a lot of their time developing those aspects of their company. “These three things define us, and we really try to weave them into our daily lives in terms of how we work with each other and how we work with our clients. I think it differentiates us in the marketplace,” shared Matt.  


When it came to learning about the Jessie Rees Foundation, what struck Matt was the very core of what Jessie desired to do. Her mission was to help kids who are battling cancer and, in Matt’s words, “reach their full potential and that full potential happiness and that focus on care.” He felt that mission resonated with SBI and their purpose statement of helping and driving people to reach their full potential. One of their company’s values is “Inspire Others,” which is why they felt so-called to partner with Team NEGU, because of Jessie’s intentional decision to inspire and encourage in the midst of her own battle with cancer.  

As a company, Matt shared that SBI is a big believer in corporate social responsibility and helping out other companies that align with their values and culture, which they felt was true when it came to the foundation. “The JoyJar stuffing event we did in partnership with your foundation was off the charts in terms of driving employee engagement, building on teamwork, and the sense of camaraderie it creates,” said Matt. It was a meaningful way for their team to gather and roll up their sleeves, build better relationships with each other while, also creating a bigger impact. Matt shared how their team still talks about that event and the memories that were created during it.  

To hear more about what Matt shared with Erik, head over to to listen to the full interview.