TeamNEGU Blog

The Impact of Team-Building

May 28, 2021

Compassionate Company Brown & Streza prioritizes making a difference locally and globally which is why they decided to partner with the Jessie Rees Foundation. They believe in the importance of getting their staff and attorneys to be hands-on in getting involved with something meaningful. Marketing Director of the Brown & Streza team, Kathy shared more insight about her experience volunteering.

Kathy first learned about Team NEGU through an event her team hosted in partnership with the foundation to stuff JoyJars. During this event not only did her team learn about Jessie, but they first-hand experienced the impact her Never Ever Give Up motto has. Coincidentally the pizza delivery man that was dropping off lunch was shocked to encounter the corporate engagement event because he shared his very own son had been diagnosed with cancer and had received a JoyJar. That unique moment brought to life the impact of Jessie’s JoyJars, that the Brown & Streza team had spent their whole morning stuffing. Kathy shared how well-received the team-building experience was amongst her peers. That experience inspired her to get her team involved again as soon as possible, so she put together a proposal to share with her leadership team and they jumped at the opportunity. 

Despite the unprecedented circumstances this year brought, their team remained dedicated to Jessie’s mission and spreading encouragement to kids fighting cancer. We are so grateful for our partnership with Brown & Streza and the support they have shown not only during our 10th Anniversary Celebration weeks ago but over the past 4 years. Thank you for your commitment to further Jessie’s mission to remind Courageous Kids to NEGU in their battle against cancer.