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Courageous Kids fighting cancer are brave. We are honored to encourage them daily through our ClubNEGU program. ClubNEGU is free for all Courageous Kids, their Super Sibs, and parents. Each ClubNEGU family receives fun doses of hope, joy, and love each month.

In 2018, ClubNEGU Courageous Kid, Levi was diagnosed with ALL B cell Leukemia at age 7.

It has been difficult for the entire family. Levi’s mom says, “We try and keep life as normal as possible for all 4 children even though we are exhausted. We are stressed beyond measure but we manage to overcome any obstacle for our children.”

Levi’s mom told us, the ClubNEGU program has made “a world of difference to families, whether its sending jars of goodies or sending gift cards and they include all children so no one is left out. We fight this battle together and we will never ever give up!!”

When Levi received his JoyJar in the mail, Mom said he had the “Biggest smile on his face and he shared it with his siblings” The surprise JoyJars® he has gotten have helped put a smile on Levi’s face as he fights cancer, “He was really excited about the one he got on his birthday.” We look forward to delivering many more smiles to Levi and his family.

We NEGU for Levi!

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