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We love to spend time with our heroes – the courageous kids who inspire us to Never Ever Give Up! 

The Jessie Rees Foundation has made countless special connection visits with TeamNegu All-Stars and Everyday Heroes; visiting hospitals around the world, delivering JoyJars, and most importantly loving on the kids in treatment.

joyjar fireman   fireman2

Recently, a group of Firemen visited the courageous kids at Children’s Hospital Orange County.  The fireman, who are true everyday heroes had a wonderful time bonding with the kids who were so excited to see them.  During the visit, the firemen delivered JoyJars, Super Hero NEGU Kid capes, firemen hats & stickers! They even got the chance to hangout and play cards, games and color with the kids in the playroom. They were really able to make the kid’s day.


One special moment of the day was when a courageous kid, who is a major Anaheim Angels fan was going to be surprised with tickets to the game, but the ASL translator program in his room wasn’t working.  After a while of fidgeting with the translator program, one of the firemen went into the room and started signing with the boy! 

His fire chief was shocked, and his co-workers said they didn’t know he could knew sign language.  The fireman singed to the courageous kid that he was being given Anaheim Angels tickets and he was thrilled!!!  Not only was the fireman happy to translate, he was so humble about being able to help a courageous kid!  It was a great bonding experience with the kids and between the fire house.        

We are grateful for our everyday heroes who spread JOY to courageous kids!!!