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Kids Helping Kids: Sophie Spreads JOY with NEGU

April 26, 2024

Kids helping kids is a heartwarming display of compassion and solidarity, showcasing the innate kindness and empathy within young hearts. Children have a remarkable ability to understand and address the challenges faced by their peers. This form of altruism not only creates positive change within communities but also fosters a sense of unity and support among children. 

Jessie Rees wanted to help others fighting cancer during her fight, what a selfless and inspiring act for a young girl! Inspired by Jessie, 10-year-old Sophie’s journey began when she learned about NEGU (Never Ever Give Up) through her local swimming team, the Nadadores, which was the team Jessie swam for!

Excited by the idea of spreading joy to kids fighting cancer, Sophie eagerly participated in her team’s toy drive. When she delivered the toys to the JoyFactory, her passion for making a difference burned as brightly as Jessie’s and she wanted to do more for kids fighting cancer. While at the JoyFactory, interacting with NEGU staff and witnessing firsthand the impact of their efforts, Sophie realized the significance of her actions. Every toy donated and every moment spent volunteering was a tangible expression of love, hope and JOY for the courageous children fighting cancer. Sophie was excited at the prospect of directly doing more to impact the lives of kids who needed a boost of JOY.

In her efforts to help even more kids fighting cancer, Sophie took things a step further, to her school, Wagon Wheel Elementary. Setting up a Compassion Change fundraiser during the school’s musical show. With a table adorned with information about the cause, she engaged with attendees before, during, and after the show, graciously collecting donations and inspiring others to help kids fighting cancer to NEGU. Sophie’s efforts raised over $200 to support the NEGU mission. Her initiative not only showcased her commitment to making a difference but also demonstrated the amazing impact that a single individual can have when driven by compassion.

Sophie’s journey serves as a reminder that age is no barrier to making a difference. Inspired by Sophie’s example, may we all strive to spread joy, hope, and love wherever we go, never underestimating kids and the power they have to make a difference!