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When kids rally together to help other kids it is magical! For the past 3 years, Ryan has asked for no presents on his birthday – instead, he asks his friends to help contribute money so that kids fighting cancer can receive JoyJars® from the Jessie Rees Foundation. Jessie’s JoyJars are 64 -ounce plastic jars filled to the brim with toys and sent to the hospitals or the homes of kids fighting cancer.

Ryan, who lives in Colorado, discovered the Jessie Rees Foundation after a family friend of his received a JoyJar and loved it! Since then, he has been dedicated to helping other kids get JoyJars too! Ryan has sold popsicles in summer to raise money for the Jessie Rees Foundation – and now has dedicated his birthday gifts to help kids fighting cancer.

Together with his friends, $340 was raised for Ryan’s 9thbirthday wish! His selfless heart for others means that 14 more JoyJars will go to Courageous Kids fighting cancer this year!

We are constantly inspired by the generosity of people and their never-ending desire to help reach and support more Courageous Kids.If you would like to help fundraise for your birthday or event just like Ryan, visit our fundraising page today!