Your monthly gift delivers joy and encouragement to children and families impacted by childhood cancer.

The Need is Real…Please Help!

Kids are diagnosed with cancer each day in the US.

Each one of these 46 Courageous Kids has a name, a story and a loving family doing all they can to support them.  EVERY DAY 46 more families are told their child has cancer.  We believe every one of these children and their families deserve to be encouraged to NEVER EVER GIVE UP!

We also believe generous people like YOU desire to help these courageous fighters smile, and feel loved, on a regular basis.  This is why YOUR MONTHLY GIFT MATTERS!

Great Ways to Give Monthly

YOU can make an incredible impact in the lives of children fighting cancer.  Become a Monthly Partner TODAY!


Sponsor a Family

Sponsor a Family

Help an entire family feel loved and encouraged each month through ClubNEGU 

Sponsor JoyJars

Sponsor JoyJars

Help keep JOY flowing to kids fighting cancer MONTHLY. Sponsor JoyJars 

Be the reason an entire ClubNEGU family will receive daily messages of encouragement and special monthly NEGU gifts.
You will get to learn the first name and type of cancer the courageous fighter you sign up to support is battling, and in what state he or she lives.
Your assigned Courageous Family – including Super Sibs and parents – will all be included in the gifts of encouragement.  NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE!
Be the reason a child fighting cancer will smile and feel encouraged to NEVER EVER GIVE UP just like Jessie wanted!
Because of YOU, each month, a different child will receive one of Jessie’s JoyJars and will learn about how they can join ClubNEGU to receive daily encouragement.
Every month you will receive a special “thank you” photo – a smiling reminder of the difference you continue to make with your monthly gift.

Every $25 dollars helps us send one of Jessie’s JoyJars to a child fighting cancer.

Sends One of Jessie’s JoyJars
Sends 10 JoyJars

Everything a family receives through ClubNEGU

If you selected to sponsor a family monthly, your support will make sure they receive all of the items below and help them feel loved and encouraged to NEGU.  Thank you!