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Kids Helping Kids: Nora’s Selfless Giving with the Jessie Rees Foundation

June 25, 2024

In a world where selflessness can often seem scarce, stories like that of young Nora shine brightly, showing the power of a giving spirit. Nora’s journey with the JRF is heartwarming – a young girl’s desire to bring joy to others, especially those in need is so encouraging!

Nora’s family was introduced to the Jessie Rees Foundation through her dad’s colleague whose child was battling cancer. This sparked the family’s interest, leading them to attend a few NEGU events. Nora was eager to know where her mom and dad had been when they attended the NEGU events, and once they had explained the purpose of the event—to help children fighting cancer to Never Ever Give Up—she immediately wanted to help too. Her mom says “First, she did a lemonade stand to raise money for NEGU.” She shared the mission of the JRF as she sold each lemonade, this allowed her to spread awareness while raising money. Making her experience both educational and impactful!

Inspired by helping others, Nora then decided, after a conversation with her mom, to request that her birthday guests bring toys for children fighting cancer instead of gifts for her. This decision was entirely her own, and it marked the beginning of a beautiful tradition that she has carried on for two years in a row now!

Nora’s favorite part of collecting toys was seeing all the toys brought by her friends and then explaining how they would be delivered Courageous Kids fighting cancer. For Nora, NEGU means “that I can spread joy to other kids who are in the hospital and make them happy.” Although they don’t count the exact number of toys collected each year, Nora describes the amount as “A LOT!” Thanks to the generosity of Nora’s amazing friends and family, the JoyDrive box was always filled to the brim in just a few hours.

As her parents, seeing Nora’s selflessness means “everything” her mom says. “As a family we are blessed with so much and try to instill appreciation, gratitude and kindness, and a giving spirit but to see our daughter willfully and joyfully make the decision to forego getting gifts at her birthday party for kids battling cancer is magical.  Nora teaches US so much about love, kindness and joy and demonstrates just how brightly God shines through even the smallest hearts.”

We at the Jessie Rees Foundation are so inspired by Nora’s selflessness! Just like Jessie, she gets the importance of helping others and that her decisions to do so can make a huge impact on the community around her. Thank you, Nora, for all you are doing to help kids fighting cancer Never Ever Give Up!