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Fourteen schools in Saddleback Valley Unified School District in Southern California participated in a weeklong JoyDrive in May. Richard Medina, the student representative to the Saddleback Valley Unified School District chose to support the Jessie Rees Foundation for the school’s annual service project. Richard recently graduated from Mission Viejo High School and was part of the NEGU club.

Richard and his friends agreed that having a courageous kid attend a football game made the entire community more aware, including them. Having a courageous kid at the football game in the Fall inspired a larger NEGU presence on campus, especially when one of their fellow classmates was diagnosed with cancer.

The JoyDrive at the fourteen schools was a huge success! On June 2nd, six students from Mission Viejo High School delivered and sorted all of the toys donated to the JoyFactory.  From everyone at the Jessie Rees Foundation, thank you Saddleback Valley School District!

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If you are interested in doing a JoyDrive at your school or in your community please visit