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Seven year old Kaitlyn LOVES to run! Her love for running started at age four, and since then she has run in countless 5k’s and and recently finished her first two 10k’s. With a huge heart that loves to help others.  In June 2014, Kaitlyn was able to donate 12 inches of her hair to Wigs for Kids.

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This year, since she loves running so much she thought it would be AWESOME for her to run for a great cause.  Her passion for helping children made the decision to help courageous kids battling cancer receive JoyJars an easy one.  Kaitlyn is THRILLED to have this opportunity to help the NEGU Team in reaching their goal of getting Joy Jars to every child with Cancer.


She has started a fundraising page where you can help Kaitlyn’s mission to help encourage kids fighting cancer to Never Ever Give Up!

Visit her fundraising page at

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Thank you so much Kaitlyn, with your help, we can help send boosts of joy to courageous kids around the world!!!



If you want to start a fundraising page like Kaitlyn, you can too by visiting today!