Jessie Asked her parents to help every kid fighting cancer to Never Ever Give Up! Thanks to the amazing support of many compassionate and generous people, the Jessie Rees Foundation has been able to send more than 200,000 Jessie JoyJars around the globe – to all 50 states and 33 countries! The Jessie Rees Foundation won’t stop until cancer does!

We’ve found the best way to encourage Courageous Kids, Super Sibs and parents to Never Ever GiveUp is send them constant boosts of encouragement. These doses of pure JOY help each family member feel loved rather than lonely! The FREE Year of JOY program is incredible! Over the course of a year, kids fighting cancerand their family members receive fun doses of hope, joy and love. These special “doses” are our gift to each qualifying courageous family that registers.  We truly hope all of this support helps your child and family feel loved, encouraged and supported as you fight cancer.