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NEGU All-Stars help encourage kids across the country to Never Ever Give Up just like Jessie wanted. The All-Stars visit kids in the hospital, host kids and their families at their games, use their social media platforms to increase awareness and send video messages of encouragement to Courageous Kids fighting cancer through our smart phone app iNEGU. From Elite High School athletes, to college players, Olympians, professional athletes, and celebrities, NEGU All-Stars are committed to making a difference in the lives of Courageous Kids.

At just five years old, Cade Spinello, or ‘Super Cade,’ was diagnosed with a brain tumor and suffered a massive stroke while in surgery. Now at thirteen, although he is still battling side effects, Super Cade has become a NEGU Jr. Ambassador for the Jessie Rees Foundation.

Super Cade has been a big part of the Jessie Rees Foundation since the beginning as Jessie was diagnosed with DIPG just a month after Cade’s diagnosis and they began a fast friendship together, becoming “chemotherapy buddies.” Jessie even delivered him his first JoyJar.

“It’s been a foundation that’s been encouraging us for eight years,” said Mike, Cade’s father. “Jessie was diagnosed just a month after Cade, so this foundation has walked with us our entire journey.”

At the 8thAnnual Gala: A Celebration of Courageous Smiles!, Super Cade was able to thank someone who has made a big difference in his life and the lives of many others. Before a sold out crowd of 750 people, Super Cade and two NEGU All-Stars, Josh Allen, starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills and Kyle Allen, quarterback for the Carolina Panthers presented former NFL quarterback Jordan Palmer with the “Humanitarian of the Year Jessie Award.” Over the past seven years, Palmer has quietly and purposefully chosen to use his platform and network in exponential ways and we are so thankful for and his commitment to help kids fighting cancer with us.

Josh Allen and Kyle Allen’s selfless gesture to help Cade present the Humanitarian of the Year Jessie Award to Jordan Palmer may seem small, but to Cade, his family, and the 46 other Courageous Kids in attendance, it meant so much more. It represents the uplifting relationships NEGU All-Stars have with Courageous Kids.

It’s because of Palmer that Super Cade knows Josh Allen and Kyle Allen. Palmer would invite Cade to toss the football around with the guys and share his inspiring NEGU story at his QB Summits. Spending an evening surrounded by Josh Allen and Kyle Allen and hundreds of others who want to make a difference in the lives of Courageous Kids fighting cancer was more than anything the Spinello family could’ve asked for.

“I really feel like there are no words,” said Cade’s mother Erin Spinello. “But to try, it feels like you’re running a marathon and all of these people are cheering you on and you can go further and faster than you thought with their encouragement. It really does feel like that.”

We are so thankful for the encouragement Jordan Palmer, Josh Allen, Kyle Allen and so many other athletes using their platforms for good have given to Courageous Kids like Super Cade!

Watch Super Cade spending time with NEGU All-Star Josh Allen: