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Orange County School unites to bring Joy to kids fighting cancer 

Feb 24, 2022

When compassionate people work together for a good cause the result makes a big impact for GOOD! Recently Santa Margarita Catholic High School faculty and staff worked together to stuff JoyJars with the Jessie Rees Foundation’s Mobile JoyFactory.

The Mobile JoyFactory is a national and global corporate engagement team building opportunity for Compassionate Companies and their staff to make a meaningful difference for kids fighting cancer, both locally and around the world.

Faculty and staff at SMCHS in the assembly line to stuff JoyJars!

Earlier this month, 250 members of the SMCHS faculty and staff worked together to stuff 500 charity partner JoyJars to be sent to oncology camps and Ronald McDonald houses to help encourage Courageous Kids and Families fighting cancer to NEGU! This special team bonding day was part of their faculty/staff retreat at the school.

They watched Jessie’s story to learn more about her passion to encourage kids fighting cancer to NEGU and were then given instructions on how to stuff the JoyJars the way Jessie wanted and then the fun began! Music played while the attendees stuffed JOY together. Once the JoyJars were stuffed, they were able to color some amazing Care Cards for kids as well. The special Mobile JoyFactory day wrapped up with watching an inspiring video of Courageous Kids receiving JoyJars so that the participants could see the true impression of JOY they just created!

Both of Jessie’s siblings, Shaya and JT, also attended Santa Margarita Catholic High School where they were very involved as students. SMCHS has been a continued generous supporter of the Jessie Rees Foundation and the Rees family, sharing Jessie’s story and supporting her mission to help kids fighting cancer Never Ever Give Up throughout the years.


Finished JoyJars being stacked up!

With over 400,000 children diagnosed with pediatric cancer each year (SOURCE: World Health Organization), we are so thankful for supportive, generous friends like Santa Margarita Catholic High School who take special time to work together to help further Jessie’s wish and mission. Thank you SMCHS for your continued support!


JoyJars get loaded to be delivered to Courageous Kids fighting cancer.