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Courageous Kid Spotlight: Merrick

July 29, 2022

Two-year-old Merrick was diagnosed in 2022 with Neuroblastoma after his family noticed a limp he had developed a week prior. Neuroblastoma is a type of cancer that develops from immature nerve cells found in several areas of the body. 

Two year old Merrick smiling in the midst of his fight with cancerThe doctors found there was a tumor in his stomach and another on his knee that caused it to fracture. They also discovered the cancer was in his bone marrow, too. Merrick immediately began chemotherapy and due to his levels being low, he was admitted for 20 days in the hospital before coming home. He recently finished round 4 of chemotherapy and is scheduled for the tumor on his stomach to be removed August 4th.

Merrick absolutely loves dinosaurs! In fact, at the hospital, Merrick is known to everyone as the Dino boy. He also loves cars, watching Cocomelon, and dancing and being outside. Refusing to let cancer stop him from anything, Merrick recently took up swimming with his SuperSibs, sisters Rhylee who is 9 and Payslee who is 7.

Courageous Kid fighting cancer Merrick standing with his sisters Rhylee and PaysleeWhen asked what inspires Merrick to NEGU (Never Ever Give Up), his mom Samantha said, “I believe it’s his age. No matter how bad he feels, all he wants to do is play and continue living life. His sisters are his best friends, and he never skips a beat when they are around.” She said that NEGU to their family means “Hope in a horrible situation. It’s support from other families experiencing this journey too.”

Encouraging kids fighting childhood cancer like Merrick through ClubNEGU is what the Jessie Rees Foundation is all about! Each ClubNEGU family receives fun doses of hope, joy and love each month. If you’d like to send Merrick some extra encouragement, you can help cheer him on at his Facebook page, Rawr Like Merrick. WE NEGU FOR MERRICK!