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May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month – Make a Difference!

April 27, 2022

Brain Tumor Awareness Month begins May 1st – This is a time where we can join together and raise awareness and support, and work to empower and encourage children impacted by brain tumors around the world.

The American Brain Tumor Association defines a brain tumor as “a growth of abnormal cells that have formed in the brain. Some brain tumors are malignant (cancerous), while others are not (non-malignant, non-cancerous or benign).” They note that more than 28,000 children in the United States are currently diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Awareness is a critical part of the month of May. Less than 4% of federal funding is directed to childhood cancer research. Of that 4%, only 1% is dedicated to researching pediatric brain tumors. More funding and research will help advance treatments and bring families more support during their  journey.

Brain Tumor Awareness Facts

  • Brain cancers account for about 15% of pediatric cancers and are the second most common type of cancer in children.
  • There never has been an FDA-approved drug therapy developed specifically for pediatric brain tumors. (source: Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation)
  • There are over 126 different types of primary brain tumors, which complicate the development of effective treatments.

Our founder and inspiration, Jessie Rees, also battled brain cancer (DIPG). During her courageous fight, all she wanted to do was help brighten the day of her peers who were unable to leave the hospital. This desire to help, led to the creation of her fun-filled JoyJars® and her NEGU – Never Ever Give Up message. Learn more about Jessie and her JoyJars® here.

Ways you can support Brain Tumor Awareness Month:  


    • Donate to help the Jessie Rees Foundation send 1,000 JoyJars® to kids fighting cancer by May 31st
    • Start a Facebook fundraiser and rally your friends to help us reach our goal


    • Donate blood or platelets – The simple act of donating blood can make a huge impact in the lives of kids fighting brain cancer. Childhood cancer patients often need blood products on a regular basis during chemotherapy, surgery, or treatment for complications
    • Volunteer – Help spread joy to kids fighting brain tumors and other pediatric cancers. Volunteer with the Jessie Rees Foundation today!


    • Share ClubNEGU – our free encouragement program for families fighting Childhood Cancer – on social media, in support groups, and with families you know are navigating this awful journey called childhood cancer
    • Go Gray in May – Wear gray in support of kids fighting brain tumors. Especially on May 27th, which is National Gray Day. Post a picture showing your support or share facts from our blog, with the hashtags #BTAM and #NEGU. Be sure to recruit friends to do the same! This simple act helps raise awareness around Brain Tumor Awareness Month

Stay connected with the Jessie Rees Foundation on Facebook and Instagram as we work every day to care for and encourage Courageous Kids fighting brain tumors and other pediatric cancers to Never Ever Give Up!