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On Friday, March 13th, the Jessie Rees Foundation was honored as the selected beneficiary, charity of choice, for the Marconi Automotive Museum at their 17th annual Fight Night. This action packed evening was full of world class boxing, celebrities, professional athletes, a fabulous dinner, and a vast selection of silent and live auction items.

Annually, the Marconi Automotive Museum and Foundation for Kids strives to reach its goal of helping to raise one million dollars per year for at risk youth in Orange County. Founder Dick Marconi has a mantra that he shares with all of the groups that he addresses. His mantra is “learn, earn and return.” As his father said, “first you learn by getting a good education, then you go out into the community and earn, and then you start to give back, perhaps in small ways to begin with, and as you reach retirement years, start giving in more significant ways.” And that’s exactly what he’s done. Dick and his wife, Priscilla “Bo” Marconi, are known as some of the most notable philanthropists in Orange County, California.

Fight Night 17 was an evening that the Jessie Rees Foundation was not only honored to be a part of, but deeply humbled by. The generosity displayed at this event will contribute to creating countless smiles and help to further Jessie’s wish to encourage every child fighting cancer to Never Ever Give Up (NEGU)!  With partners like the Marconi Museum, we are able to spread even more JOY and for that, we thank Dick & Bo Marconi for choosing us as their charity partner for their 2015 Fight Night.