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Courageous Kid Hosts Lemonade Stand to Benefit NEGU

July 17, 2023

At the young age of 12, Jessie knew that anyone could make a difference no matter what age they were! Inspired by her selflessness, we believe kids can help change the world and help care for more kids fighting cancer just like she wished for.

Encouraged by Jessie’s legacy, Courageous Kid Jacob and his SuperSib Ava hosted a lemonade and cookie stand to benefit the Jessie Rees Foundation this Summer. Friends and neighbors came to support the stand in their community and cool off with some lemonade while supporting NEGU at the same time!

Jacob and his Courageous Family come in often to volunteer too! We are thankful for the active involvement they have in NEGU and the amazing effort Jacob and his family has put forth to support other Courageous Kids fighting cancer too!

In total, Jacob and Ava raised $135 for Courageous Kids fighting cancer- enough to send 5 JoyJars!

Whether it be hosting a lemonade stand, a bake sale or a fundraising party, kids in our communities are supporting one another and supporting causes dear to their hearts. You’re never too old for a lemonade stand!

We hope you too will get involved with the Jessie Rees Foundation and help Courageous Kids Never Ever Give Up!