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Kids Helping Kids: Nora’s Heart for Giving

June 2, 2023

Four-year-old Nora has a heart for giving. Nora had the opportunity to stuff JoyJars as part of Jessie’s birthday event, where she proceeded to stuff JoyJars with energy and enthusiasm while learning about the Jessie Rees Foundation’s mission and Jessie’s story.

After the birthday event, Nora’s mom asked her if she would want people coming to her upcoming birthday party to bring items for JoyJars instead of bringing her presents and Nora said, “Yes, of course.” What a selfless little girl!

In addition, Nora asked to have a lemonade and cupcake stand and donate the money to “make the kids in the hospital happy,” in her own words. Her parents helped her and said the highlight was hearing Nora explain what she was collecting toys and raising money for. Her mom said, “She spoke about it with such pure joy in helping other kids. It made my husband and my hearts melt.”

At Nora’s birthday party, a whole bunch of little girls excitedly brought toys and dumped them into the JoyJar box to bring to the Joy Factory. By the end of the party, the girls were all talking about how happy it would make the kids in the hospital to have these toys to play with.

Nora’s mom said, “It was truly special, and we thank NEGU for the opportunities they create for kids like my daughter to learn the power of giving and the difference they can make.”

Thank you, Nora, for your generous heart for others! It is so encouraging to watch kids, inspired by Jessie, help other kids fighting cancer Never Ever Give Up!

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