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At the 2nd annual NEGU Gala, Erik Rees,Jessie’s daddy, spoke to courageous families caring for a child fighter cancer, JoyJars are not the end, but the beginning of a relationship of love, support, and encouragement”. Building that special relationship with families affected by childhood cancer has been a goal of Jessie’s family and her foundation since inception. Knowing first hand the many struggles families face while caring for a child fighting cancer, Jessie’s family and her foundation continue to seek new opportunities to ‘care’ for kids and their families until there is ‘cure’—opportunities to ease the burden, lift spirits and spread more JOY.

kids fighting cancerIn addition to Jessie’s JoyJars, there are a number of ways that Jessie’s wish of providing love, joy and encouragement for kids fighting cancer continues. One of these special opportunities is the option for parents to request a portrait sketch for their courageous child fighting cancer. Memories are precious to all of us and these beautiful sketches are just one more way that we can send a little JOY to a family who is going through so much. These amazing pieces of art are offered to courageous families caring for a child fighting cancer at no financial obligation—thanks to a wonderful, compassionate volunteer.

3 year old, Ms. Natalie Grace is a recipient of a NEGU portrait sketch (seen above). Natalie is one of our very courageous fighters and she is so strong and brave. Head over to her Facebook page, Infinite Love for Natalie Grace, and see what she’s doing to raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer research. She may be little but she is doing BIG things!! Natalie, we NEGU for you!

If you are interested in receiving a portrait sketch for your courageous fighter, please email Jana, our Family Resource Coordinator, at

*At this time, portrait sketches are only available to parents who are caring for a child fighting cancer under the age of 18. Shipping only available within the US.