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We are so thankful for our amazing community of Jessie Rees Foundation volunteers and the impact they are making. Because of our many volunteers, we introduce thousands of people to our mission, raise millions of dollars each year, and make an impact in helping kids fighting cancer Never Ever Give Up!

The Jessie Rees Foundation has delivered more than 260,000 JoyJars®  to kids around the world in a large part due to the help of our incredible volunteers around the nation.

On any given day, you will find volunteers stuffing JoyJars at the JoyFactory, teams, clubs or offices hosting JoyDrives or Mobile JoyFactory events, kids advocating for childhood cancer awareness, and JoySquad members spreading JOY to kids fighting cancer all over the world.

Patti is one of our amazing volunteers. She first heard about Jessie’s story and the Jessie Rees Foundation in 2017 when her husband came home from a luncheon where Jessie’s Daddy, Erik Rees was the guest speaker. Patti’s husband was taken aback by the story of Jessie and came home to show her Jessie’s video.

Patti said “At that moment, I logged on to the JRF website and clicked on volunteer opportunities! I started two weeks later.”

Volunteering with the Jessie Rees Foundation has become a large part of Patti’s life in many ways, “It has given me a special rewarding purpose now that my children are all grown. I have meet so many kind amazing giving individuals that I can now call friends! It is a blessing to be able to help bring a burst of happiness when a small Jar full of toys arrives in a child’s lap that is fighting cancer!”

Seeing our volunteers take on Jessie’s message to NEGU is so powerful! When you ask Patti what NEGU means to her, the first thing that comes to my mind is Jessie… and how she wanted to help others to NEGU! NEGU is such a powerful mantra! It allows me to help others who are less fortunate, having a bad day, or dealing with an illness. It has made me a stronger person in many facets of my life. I NEGU for others!”

Patti’s favorite memory of volunteering with the Jessie Rees Foundation is from a Mobile JoyFactory event. She says, “A young man came into the room to deliver pizzas. He was so happy when he realized it was a JoyJar event. He went on to say how his daughter is fighting cancer. His sweet baby had just received her JoyJar. I can still picture this young father’s eyes that were so happy yet so broken-hearted. My heart grew 3 sizes that day❤️❤️❤️maybe even 4!!!”

Patti, we appreciate your desire to use your time and talents to help kids fighting cancer, THANK YOU!

We are so thankful for volunteers like Patti who dedicate time each week to volunteer to help kids fighting cancer Never Ever Give Up! If you would like to get involved with the Jessie Rees Foundation, you can learn more here!