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Caring and compassionate volunteers like Kerry, are the heart and soul of the Jessie Rees Foundation. We are so thankful for all of our volunteers who put so much time, effort and care into helping Courageous Kids fighting cancer Never Ever Give Up.

Kerry is one of our incredible volunteers. She first heard about the Jessie Rees Foundation (JRF) on the news. Touched by Jessie’s story, she then read Erik Rees’s book about Jessie’s journey and knew she wanted to do something to help!

Kerry has been a dedicated volunteer for 4 years now. Kerry says, Volunteering is very important to me. I was an elementary school teacher for 39 years and I love children. When I retired in June of 2014, I wanted to continue doing something to help kids and working at the JoyFactory has been a perfect fit for me. I love volunteering- it’s very fulfilling!”

Kerry told us Jessie’s NEGU motto means, “staying positive and never giving up hope no matter what obstacles you’re faced with!” She said, “My favorite memory is probably of the first JoyJar I ever stuffed nearly 4 years ago. Since then I have helped out in the JoyFactory doing many different tasks, but my favorite job has always been stuffing the individual JoyJars® that are sent to the children’s homes to hopefully brighten their day. Kerry added, “Everyone is so friendly and welcoming! I have met so many nice people there and look forward to going each week.”

At the Jessie Rees Foundation we introduce thousands of people to our mission, raise over 3 million dollars a year, and make an impact helping kids fighting cancer Never Ever Give Up. This is in large part due to the efforts and dedication of the over 13,000 volunteers we have annually. The Jessie Rees Foundation has delivered more than 260,000 JoyJars® to kids around the world. None of this would be possible without the help of our incredible volunteers.

We are so thankful for volunteers like Kerry who dedicate time each week to volunteer to help kids fighting cancer Never Ever Give Up! If you would like to get involved with the Jessie Rees Foundation, you can learn more here!

To learn more about Jessie Rees, find her story at

Kerry (left) sealing JoyJars® at Jessie’s birthday event.