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Over 50,000 of Jessie’s JoyJars have been sent to children fighting cancer in homes and hospitals all over the world! That is 50,000 children who have received Jessie’s message of encouragement, love and support–50,000 kids who now know that they have a community of support behind them–encouraging them to NEGU- Never Ever Give Up.

Have you ever wondered where all of this joy comes from–where over 50,000 of Jessie’s JoyJars have been stuffed, sealed and delivered to children’s hospitals nationwide? Welcome to the Jessie Rees Foundation’s Joy Factory–A Child’s Dream Come True!!

Toy Donations For Children's Hospitals

Wall-to-wall, bins are filled with toys and activities categorized by age and gender. All of these amazing hospital- approved toys  are sent in from generous donors and supporters.

The Joy Factory is staffed full time with hard working Joy Coordinators (staff and volunteers)  who work tirelessly at stuffing Jars, filling orders and coordinating events and club visits.

Daily individual orders can vary anywhere between 5-30, in addition to the continuous hospital Joy Pack (20 JoyJars) requests. Jars of Toys and Games For Kids With Cancer

On certain days of the week, groups and clubs have the opportunity to come into the Joy Factory for JoyJar stuffing activities. Sports teams, businesses, groups, families and elementary school classes have all come to help out. We have even hosted a few Joy stuffing birthday parties!! On any given week, the Joy Factory can be visited by 10-15 groups!

Encouragement for Kids With CancerBefore you start stuffing– a few tips on how to stuff the BEST JoyJar and send it with love, (1) It must be full..we mean stuffed to the top rim! (2) only cool items allowed, no “cheesy” toys, (3) ship when ordered–Time is precious!

Are you interested in hosting a JoyJar stuffing event? be sure to call ahead, there is a wait list!

Do you want to help send JoyJars to kids fighting cancer? Join the Jessie Rees Foundation’s Joy Squad!