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JCC Preschool Rallies to Help Kids Fighting Cancer to Never Ever Give Up

Feb 20, 2024

When a close-knit community comes together, there’s a strength that weaves through them in every interaction. It’s in these small acts of kindness that the true essence of community reveals itself – a spirit of warmth, compassion, and unwavering support. 

In this community, the NEGU® Nation shines brightly, a testament to the power of hope and resilience.   It all began with a simple wish from Jessie Rees, whose legacy continues to inspire countless souls to hold onto hope, no matter how tough the journey, and to: NEVER EVER GIVE UP (NEGU)! 

At the Aronoff Preschool nestled within the Jewish Community Center in Irvine, this spirit of compassion runs deep.  When one of their own faced the daunting challenge of cancer, Assistant Director Wendy Yesharim reached out with open arms, drawing upon the threads of empathy that bind their community together. “My son was in a Lion’s Heart group many years ago that worked with NEGU” she fondly recalled. 

Fueled by their vibrant compassionate community, the school got involved, utilizing their “Mitzvah March” in 2023 for a Compassion Change drive to raise funds to help kids Never Ever Give Up during their fight. They raised $600 to help further Jessie’s mission and wish!

But their efforts didn’t end there.  With hearts full of compassion, the staff gathered in the JoyFactory, their hands busy filling Jessie’s JoyJars® and crafting Care Cards adorned with messages of love and encouragement. For Wendy and her fellow educators, it was a deeply moving experience. “Being able to touch the lives of young kids and their families truly embodies the core values of the JCC. Wendy shared, thank you for your partnership in fostering a spirit of community engagement and collaboration.”

Looking ahead, the Aronoff Preschool is preparing for another opportunity to spread joy and hope in Mitzvah March 2024.  This time, they are planning a JoyDrive – a chance to collect toys for JoyJars and bring smiles to the faces of those in need. 

Its communities like these that remind us of the power of compassion and unity.  Together, we all stand as one, working together to encourage kids fighting cancer to NEGU. To the Aronoff school and all those who walk beside them, we offer our deepest gratitude. The community that has rallied behind Jessie’s wish reminds us daily that we are better together! 

When we work together and encourage kids fighting cancer, it makes a significant NEGU impact! Thank you to the Aronoff school for your continued support!