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It Cant Always Be About Work 

“It can’t always be about work,” shared Harmon Kong, the Founding Principal of  Apriem  Advisors, a Compassionate Company our foundation partners with. This belief is one of the many reasons that Harmon challenges his team to engage in Jessie’s mission to encourage kids fighting cancer to NEGU. Initially, it was a “no-brainer” for his team since several of them were already personally involved in partnering with the Jessie Rees Foundation. Since it’s a part of their company culture to give back to the community they live in, it felt like the perfect match to partner as a company with the foundation.    

“We love what the Jessie Rees Foundation is about, the mission, the vision. While the Rees Family didn’t ask for this, they did something that was a good thing with it,” said Harmon. While he prioritized financially giving when it came to social responsibility for his company, he thought what better way to give than with something we can’t replace, our time! The combination of giving financial resources and time has allowed his team to do something unique, together, and have this sense of purpose as a unified team that isn’t just work. While it may seem like an opportunity to bless and serve families, Harmon shared that it’s so much more than that. His team has felt the blessing they received through the experience is ten-fold of the impact Jessie’s mission continually creates!   

Team member and VP of Finance at  Apriem  Advisors, Jen Olson, shared that stuffing JoyJars and decorating Care Cards are something special that we’ve done together with not only our team but our families and it’s amazing to get everyone involved in something good.

As a business owner, Harmon shared that he doesn’t want his company to only do good work and serve their clients well, but also do good for the community that surrounds them at the same time. “When you can tie your business to something that has national recognition that’s happening in your backyard and that allows us to not only impact families here in our county, or just California, but nationally, and even globally, it’s an exciting thing to be a part of,” said Harmon.  

We are thankful for our partnership with  Apriem  Advisors and their dedication to Jessie’s mission! We’re excited about everything that this partnership holds as we continue to encourage even more Courageous Kids fighting cancer thanks to their support and the support of so many other inspiring partners!