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It is so exciting when local communities stand by Jessie’s wish to encourage every child fighting cancer to Never Ever Give Up!!!

Capo Valley High School in southern California has been involved with the Jessie Rees Foundation and furthering Jessie’s wish for a while now, and recently, members of the Varsity Baseball team were driven to do more to help kids fighting cancer. 

Daniel Bowen and Josh Solomon of Capo Valley High School Varsity Baseball and members of the California Scholarship Federation group collected 70 boxes of crayons & bought fabric and cut enough of that fabric to make 72 mini blankets for JoyJars and to give to young Courageous Kids fighting cancer!

After making blankets and collecting crayons, Daniel and Josh have planned to bring the whole baseball team in the following year to help even more.  Josh and Daniel are also slated to help with Skip Schumaker’s Annual winter camp this year!!! WOW!

Thank you to Capo Valley and Daniel and Josh for helping Courageous Kids fighting cancer to NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!!

Are you interested in getting involved with the Jessie Rees Foundation too? Click here!