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Give the Gift of JoyDo you know someone who needs a special boost of joy, encouragement, love and support? JOYJARS are a great way to send your loved one or friend a special, meaningful gift of encouragement–stuffed with JOY and sent with LOVE. During her 10-month fight with two inoperable brain tumors, 12-year old Jessie Rees founded JOYJARS as a way to help encourage other kids fighting cancer to NEGU- Never Ever Give Up. She knew that cancer could make a child feel lonely and limited, and with her JOYJARS, Jessie was able to put smiles on thousands of little faces.

Gifts for Kids With Cancer


When you become an official member of the Jessie Rees Foundation’s JOY SQUAD, you receive 6 colorful and bright JOYJARS that can be stuffed with tons of JOY and LOVE and sent to special people in your life for encouragement, support, holidays or “just because” gifts. And while you are spreading JOY to your loved ones, you are also ensuring that 12 kids fighting cancer receive a JOYJAR from the Jessie Rees Foundation’s Joy Factory!


Here are some fun ways to stuff the perfect “Get Well” JOYJAR:

* Stuff your JOYJAR with your loved one’s favorite candies or chocolates.

* For a child, fill your “Get Well” JOYJAR with fun activities, games and toys.

*Send your “Get Well” JOYJAR with a bouquet of beautiful flowers as an extra boost of brightness and JOY.

The possibilities of spreading JOY are endless! Start sending your JOYJARS today!

Learn more about Jessie’s JoyJars in the video clip below!