At the Jessie Rees Foundation Gala: A Celebration of Courageous SMILES, three Volunteers were presented with Jessie Awards for Volunteer of the Year. The awards were presented by Jessie Rees Foundation National Spokesperson Kaitlin Sandeno Hogan, Courageous Kid Sydney Sigafus, and Erik Rees. These three volunteers represent the thousands that have helped the Jessie Rees Foundation encourage kids fighting cancer throughout the years.

From left to right: Kaitlin Sandeno Hogan, Erik Rees, Pam Musgrave, Carrie Willis, Sheila Baker, Sydney Sigafus


Jessie Award Winner Sheila Baker has been a JRF Volunteer since November 2012. She is a JoyFactory Volunteer, where she has done everything from stuffing JoyJars, restocking toys, counting toys, labeling JoyJars and every job in between. In addition, she is an Event Volunteer for all of the major Jessie Rees Foundation events including the NEGU Golf Classic, Gala, Fired Up for Summer and Santa Stroll. Sheila also is an Offsite Volunteer where she has traveled with the JRF team to out of area stuffing events with the Mobile JoyFactory. To top off all of this, she is a Girl Scout JoyFactory Tour Guide where she gives Scout troops a tour and guides them through stuffing JoyJars in order for them to earn the Compassionate Scout Patch.

Jessie Award Winner Carrie Willis has been a JRF Volunteer since November 2013. Carrie is a JoyFactory volunteer where she has stuffed many JoyJars and tied baby blankets for kids fighting cancer. She is also a Community Engagement Volunteer, where she answers inquiries from the community at large and shares with them the multiple opportunities to get involved with the Jessie Rees Foundation. Carrie also works with our Courageous Families who inquire about our Memory Canvas boost of encouragement. She has also served as Volunteer Coordinator at our major events for 3 years.

Jessie Award Winner Pam Musgrave has been a JRF Volunteer since March 2014. Pam has used her talents as a professional photographer and given her time and talents to photograph all of our major events as well as many other Foundation events over the last 4 years. In addition, Pam has captured priceless family photos for Courageous Families. She has also been instrumental in connecting her place of business to support and serve in the JoyFactory.

Caring and compassionate people like these ladies are the heart and soul of the Jessie Rees Foundation. We are so thankful for all of our volunteers, who put so much time, effort and care into helping Courageous Kids fighting cancer Never Ever Give Up. Thank you, Sheila, Carrie, Pam and all of our other volunteers for all that you do to help kids fighting cancer NEGU!