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Family creates over 280 Care Cards to inspire!

May 12, 2021

The inspiring individuals that make up our community constantly are blowing us away by the ways they show up to encourage kids fighting cancer. An employee from Compassionate Company Partner Verizon is a huge example of this commitment to service and spreading encouragement. Mithun and his 2 daughters got involved in creating what we like to call Care Cards, small cards that are decorated with bright colors and uplifting words that are sent to Courageous Kids that are in the midst of their battle against cancer. Mithun initially got connected with Team NEGU through a team event his company, Verizon, was holding virtually to unify their team and create Care Cards together.

He was eager to get his daughters involved, who are both around the same age as Jessie when she created her mission to encourage kids fighting cancer to NEGU. Mithun shared that “the best way for anyone to learn kindness and inculcate the values of compassion and empathy in them is to make such good deeds. Even better if it becomes a family affair so that kids are able to build their better future. I should be thanking you for this wonderful opportunity. We need more such events, participants and initiators like you.”

As a family, they created 280 Care Cards with over 70 unique digital designs! They not only got engaged in Jessie’s mission, but they went above and beyond to spread joy and encouragement to even more Courageous Kids. We are so thankful to have such creative, driven, and dedicated members of our NEGU community such as the Hariharan family! We hope this inspires you to get involved in decorating some Care Cards with your peers, family, or friends too. You never know the impact a Care Card can have on a Courageous Kids day! To learn how to get involved in making Care Cards, head over to