TeamNEGU Blog

Charity Choice Invitational is a club level gymnastics meet hosted by Emerald City Gymnastics Academy in Tacoma, WA. It’s an amazing event where Gymnasts from all over the country come to Tacoma with their teams, each team selects a charity of their choice to compete on behalf of. For each all-around win, gymnasts earn $25 to the charity of their choice and for each team win at every level, gymnasts earn $100 for the charity of their choice! 
Emerald City Gymnastics Academy chose to compete on behalf of the Jessie Rees Foundation at the meet. Through their hard work and beautiful routines, ECGA was able to win $2,000 to donate directly to the Jessie Rees Foundation! WOW! 
ECGA had amazing TeamNEGU leotards made by Destira for all of their gymnasts to wear at all levels! It was so cool to see Jessie’s NEGU motto running around the competition floor and the young gymnasts being so excited to help raise awareness for kids fighting cancer! It was inspiring to see the gymnasts competing for something way bigger than for ribbons and medals, but instead, for causes that are all contributing to changing the world! 
At the meet in Tacoma, we were also able to catch up with some of our amazing NEGU volunteers who attended the meet.
Thank you to Emerald City Gymnastics Academy for choosing The Jessie Rees Foundation as your Charity of Choice at the Charity Choice Invitational! We are so thankful to have your support for kids fighting cancer!