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Em and Ethan’s Epic Ice Cream

One bright and early Sunday morning this past September, four young and big-hearted Coto de Caza residents woke up excited for what the day held for them. After a week of planning and preparation, they were finally holding an ice cream stand to fundraise money for the Jessie Rees Foundation. Two sets of siblings, Fifth graders Madeline and Cameron, both 10, Ethan, 7, and Emily, 6, spent a couple of hours on a busy street corner near the Coto Equestrian Center eagerly dancing and waving down cars passing by to sell them ice cream and cold drinks. 

The idea came about when Ethan and Emily were playing with Emily’s small ice cream truck – made for a doll – which she could fit into. They decided it would be a fun idea to push her around in it and sell ice cream. “Everyone sells lemonade, but selling ice cream is something different and out of the box,” Madeline said. Signs posted read, “Em and Ethan’s Epic Ice Cream and Cam’s Cool Drinks, Proceeds go to NEGU.” Residents driving by stopped to buy a treat and many generously donated to this worthy cause. The kids raised $200 in a matter of hours! Inspired by how these kids chose to spend their Sunday morning, Cameron and Emily’s father’s company, Edwards Lifesciences, decided to match what they raised for a total of $400. 

The kids were so eager to visit the Jessie Rees Foundation Headquarters, aka, the JoyFactory, to hand-deliver what they had fundraised. They came running for the doors, ecstatic to share about their ice cream stand. Their donation of $400 will fund the stuffing and delivery of 16 JoyJars! Thanks to these compassionate kids and their dedication to pouring into Jessie’s wish, there will be 16 more smiles when these JoyJars get sent out to Courageous Kids fighting cancer.

“We wanted to donate because parents only see their kids sad and in pain at the hospital but NEGU’s JoyJars help bring a smile to the kids’ faces and help them through this hard time,” the kids said. You inspire us Madeline, Cameron, Ethan, and Emily! Thank you for using your time and heart to encourage Courageous Kids to NEGU!