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Courageous Kid collects 1248 crayons to bring joy to other kids fighting cancer

April 6, 2022

When a Courageous Kid is motivated to give back because of Jessie’s inspirational wish to encourage every kid fighting cancer to Never Ever Give Up, it means so much to us!

Aerin is a Courageous Kid, now in remission (YAY!), who heard that we were in need of 7,400 packs of crayola 24 Count Crayons to put inside Jessie’s JoyJars.

Aerin’s mom, Jaca, volunteers with the Jessie Rees Foundation regularly and heard that crayola crayons are always a big hit inside Jessie’s JoyJars. The two of them worked together by reaching out to friends and family via social media for crayons for Jessie’s JoyJars.

It was super successful! They ended up collecting 1,248 packs of crayons to put in JoyJars! They went above and beyond to spread joy and encouragement to lots more Courageous Kids.

It is always heartwarming to see a Courageous Kid and Family give back to other kids fighting cancer. Jessie has inspired so many with her message to help kids NEGU!

If you would like to get involved with the Jessie Rees Foundation, click here!