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Courageous Family Collects 2,879 Uno Cards 

June 3, 2021

We are constantly inspired when we see Courageous Kids help other kids, in the same way, that Jessie did when she first dreamed up her wish to encourage them to NEGU. It’s not every day that a Courageous Family like the De La Torre Family challenges their community to pour into Jessie’s mission and to help spread joy to other kids that are fighting cancer. Initially, when they dreamed up this Uno card drive, they set a goal to collect 100 decks. But after only 17 hours had passed, they already were receiving their first donations! This motivated them to set a big goal of collecting 1,000 decks that would all be donated to the Jessie Rees Foundation and would be stuffed into JoyJars delivered to kids fighting cancer.  

With only 3 weeks left of their Uno card drive, they decided to step up their goal even more to a total of 2,200 decks in honor of our inspiration Jessie’s 22nd birthday celebration. It didn’t take long for them to crush that goal too!  

Courageous Mom Carolina shared that Uno cards was one of her family’s favorite games to play in the hospital and that they always had a deck on hand. It was one way her family passed some time when it came to hospital stays and office visits for Courageous Kid AJ. Their love for the game is what sparked this idea to start an Uno drive, to share this very special game with other Courageous Families in the same fight!  

To see the latest NEGU TV Episode where Team NEGU’s very own Family Resource Coordinator, Jana, visits the De La Torre Family to pick up all the Uno cards and hear Courageous Mom Carolina share more about her family’s experience with the Uno Card Drive they put on click here