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We’ve found that collecting dimes in a 16 oz. water bottle accumulates to $100 – and that $100 sends 5 of Jessie’s JoyJars to Courageous Kids fighting cancer! This fun way of raising money for kids fighting cancer is called Compassion Change.

Mission Viejo High School’s NEGU club ran a 6-week Compassion Change drive and raised $2,500. Every classroom, the library and the cafeteria had a Compassion Change collection jar.

Mark Perez, the ASB Advisor, said, “I was so touched to see the entire school really get into this fundraiser. To know that we are making a difference in the community and causing a positive rippling effect for kids fighting cancer around the world is really great. To know that our school cares about the community is awesome. We are excited to see this become an annual event, and keep the momentum going.”

If you want to get involved with the Jessie Rees Foundation and host your own Compassion Change drive to help Courageous Kids fighting cancer, please visit today!

High School compassion change