TeamNEGU Blog

Caregivers were like second family while Jessie was fighting cancer and so many caregivers around the country and abroad have helped with Jessie’s wish to “please help every kid fighting cancer to Never Ever Give Up” by passing out JoyJars® to kids in the hospital and encouraging them to NEGU in their journey. We are honored to have partnerships with over 275 children’s hospitals around the world that desire to see courageous kids encouraged to Never Ever Give Up!
Caregivers inspire us so much and we want to thank all of them for helping us spread joy to kids fighting cancer. We offer caregivers their own boosts for all of their hard work and dedication to helping kids fighting cancer.
Caregivers can use this form to order Caregiver boosts their hospital.  Since 2011, 263,000 of Jessie’s JoyJars have been shipped to hospitals and homes and caregivers are a huge part of that! 

Caregivers can also share about ClubNEGU, the amazing community of Courageous Kids and their families AND order JoyJars for the kids they care for! 

ClubNEGU is free for all Courageous Kids, their Super Sibs and parents as they face cancer together. Each ClubNEGU family receives fun doses of hope, joy and love each month. They also have access to our free smart phone app iNEGU, national resource guide and get their story shared on social media. All of these special “doses” are our gift to each qualifying courageous family that registers. We truly hope all of this support helps your child and family feel loved, encouraged and supported.

ClubNEGU Doses Include: JoyJars, NEGU PowerPack, I’m a NEGU Kid T-shirt, Family Fun Packs, I’m a NEGU Mom T-shirt, I’m a NEGU Dad T-shirt, I’m a NEGU Super Sib shirts, Sibling Blessings Boxes, NEGU Buddies, iNEGU app and much more…

If you know of a child fighting cancer, please encourage them to sign up for ClubNEGU!