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Brave 9-year-old girl gives back after her own fight with cancer

October 31, 2022

We are always amazed by the amount of compassionate love and support kids show for their peers when in need. Whether it be hosting a lemonade stand, a bake sale or a fundraising party, countless kids are in our communities supporting one another and supporting their cause.

Juliana is one of those influential kids who loves to help others. She was diagnosed with cancer at the young age of 3 and ​​went through six months of chemotherapy with her loving family by her side. Since her port was removed in May of 2016, Juliana has gone to 17 checkups and is stronger than ever!

A few years ago, after being encouraged to give back to the organizations that were there for her family during her fight, Juliana decided to host a Lemonade Stand! This year’s stand marked the fourth time her family has raised funds for cancer-related causes, with the funds going to NEGU to help other kids fighting cancer Never Ever Give Up!

“I wanted to do the lemonade stand because it’s fun and we get to help kids that are really sick,” she said. “I missed doing them during COVID-19.”

Girl standing in front of lemonade stand sign

An amazing turnout of more than 100 people showed up to support the Lemonade Stand and participate in the raffles she offered that were donated from her community! When Courageous Kids like Julianna are inspired to give back just like Jessie did it is so encouraging.

People buying lemonade at lemonade standThanks to Juliana’s lemonade stand, 114 kids fighting cancer will receive JoyJars! We NEGU for you Julinana, thank you!

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