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May is distinguished nationally as Brain Cancer Awareness Month. According to the American Brain Tumor Association, about 28,000 kids in the United States are currently fighting some type of brain cancer. This month especially, we honor Jessie and her selfless care for others while she bravely fought two brain tumors (DIPG) from March 3, 2011 to January 5, 2012.

The Jessie Rees Foundation was, and always will be, inspired by Jessie – one courageous and compassionate 12-year old little girl.

As Jessie faced brain cancer, all she wanted to do was help brighten the day of her peers who were unable to leave the hospital. This desire to help, led to the creation of her fun-filled JoyJars®, and her NEGU® (Never Ever Give Up) message and motto.

Jessie stuffed more than 3,000 JoyJars during her ten month and two day fight with cancer, and inspired thousands on Facebook with her daily posts to NEGU. The mission of her legacy, the Jessie Rees Foundation, is to help every kid fighting cancer to Never Ever Give Up! We work to fulfill this mission every day by connecting with families facing cancer, bringing awareness to their stories, offering them a network of helpful resources and sending the entire family continual doses of encouragement throughout their journey. We will CARE until there is a CURE.

Stay connected with the Jessie Rees Foundation on Facebook and Instagram as we work to care for and encourage Courageous Kids fighting cancer to Never Ever Give Up!

We NEGU for all Courageous fighters around the world!