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The Jessie Rees Foundation was honored to participate in the 25th Anniversary Silver Celebration Week’s  ‘Dedication to the Community Game Night’ at the Honda Center. The Anaheim Ducks are known for being a community-driven franchise, and at their ‘Dedication to the Community Night’ they granted $250,000 to 25 nonprofit organizations – in a fun and unique way!


The Jessie Rees Foundation was selected as one of 25 different local charities, representing all different causes, that have worked with the Anaheim Ducks the past 25 years. This year the Ducks are celebrating their 25th year, so the number “25” has been a common theme throughout their celebration, hence the $250,000! 


The ushers and Ducks Power Players were standing at the door handing out vouchers for $25 to each attendee at the game. Then the attendees had the opportunity to put their voucher into the ballot box of the charity of their choosing! Each $25 voucher equated to a pure $25 donation to the charity of their choice. We are happy to share that the Jessie Rees Foundation was granted $10,259 from the Anaheim Ducks Foundation.


There was a Courageous Family in attendance on behalf of the Jessie Rees Foundation at the game, whose family are big Ducks fans! They shared with us how they loved being a part of ClubNEGU and their Courageous Kid loved reading Jessie’s book.


Jessie’s sister Shaya was in attendance with Cory from the Jessie Rees Foundation staff. Together they hosted a facebook live event that showcased all that was happening during the event. Shaya and Cory enjoyed interacting with the fans and sharing a bit about the Jessie Rees Foundation.


It was truly an amazing night for charities to be honored and to celebrate 25 years of the Anaheim Ducks! We would like to extend a huge thank you to the Anaheim Ducks Foundation and all of the fans who supported the Jessie Rees Foundation!  NEGU!