Courageous Kids Fighting Cancer: Addilinn, age 3, stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma

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Addilinn aka Addie is 3 years old and in April of 2018 she was diagnosed with stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma cancer. It took a year for her pediatrician to figure out what was wrong with Addie. It all started when she started having trouble going to the bathroom, then trouble gaining weight, followed by high fevers, but nothing seemed to be helping.
Addie then began to complain about pain in her legs. Her mom says, “we were in the drs office 3 times a week for pain and fevers. They finally checked her blood, they next day I got a call saying we needed to take Addilinn to the hospital because there was signs of a infection in her blood.”  After a couple days in the hospital they diagnosed Addie with rheumatoid arthritis and was told to visit a specialist. Her parents and the doctors thought they had figured out what was wrong, but the specialist said Addie did not have arthritis and they were back to square one.
Still in pain and suffering from fevers daily, Addie was still visiting the pediatrician 3-4 times a week. They sent her to the children’s hospital to oncology unit because her hemoglobin was low. Her mom says, “They tested her blood for cancer, and they said it came back negative, we were relieved that it wasn’t cancer. We still had to figure out what was wrong with her though.” At 2 years old, she weighed 18 pounds – she was losing weight and stopped eating and sleeping.
When her parents switched pediatricians they quickly admitted Addilinn the the hematology/oncology floor at the hospital. Her mom says, “scared out of our minds we took her to the hospital. They did a x-ray of Addilinns stomach, they came in and told us they found a abnormal shadow and they ordered a ct scan.” The next day the doctors came in and said “we are going to take Addilinn for surgery, we are putting a med port in her left chest, a G-tube in her stomach and we are taking a biopsy of the huge mass in her stomach.”
Addie’s mom said, “On April 13 2018 we got the news that no parent ever wants to hear, the news that changed our life’s forever. Your child has cancer.”  They started her treatment plan right away.
At just 3 years old, Addie has had a tumor removal surgery and transplants, and has handled her chemotherapy like a champ. She is now doing radiation and has been in the hospital since October 1st because of her two transplants and radiation. What’s next are scans on February 21st to see what’s left of the cancer.