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At the 8th Annual NEGU Gala: A Celebration of Courageous Smiles!, 46 Courageous Kids and their families were in attendance and encouraged to NEVER EVER GIVE UP throughout the evening. One of those Courageous Kids was Aaron!

Aaron was excited and happy to hear that he was invited to the Gala. His mom says the event “was truly priceless. Aaron loved receiving his Jessie award! To him it was like winning an Oscar.” Aaron keeps his award right next to his bed. His parents asked if they could keep it in the living room and he said no, because he likes looking at it every night.

His mom told us that she loved “being at the Gala and seeing so many children and parents that Jessie’s life has touched including ours.” She added, “We also loved going to Disneyland with the family since it was our first time going on a trip since he was diagnosed on June 8, 2018.”

For Aaron, NEGU means he is strong, courageous, special and loved. He has felt that way ever since he’s been receiving JoyJars® and other ClubNEGU boosts of encouragement.

Aaron’s Mom said,“NEGU has really made this whole journey memorable, supportive and blessed. Thank you to everyone who makes NEGU so special for kids like Aaron and families like ours. For my family NEGU gave us the opportunity to create priceless memories. It also showed us we are not alone and to Never Ever Give Up! Thanks to Jessie’s Family for being so inspirational.”

Aaron is just one of the thousands of ClubNEGU kids we at the Jessie Rees Foundation are honored to support. As kids and families battle cancer together, we know that sending love, hope and a little fun can bring a smile to a child on a difficult day.

We NEGU for Aaron!