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100,000th JoyJar


On April 8th, 2015 the Rees Family stuffed the 100,000 JoyJar in honor of Jessie’s 16th birthday. In the last 4 years Jessie, the Rees Family, NEGU-All stars, and countless volunteers have contributed to this significant milestone. The 100,000th JoyJar…

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We NEGU For Savannah!

We are honored and privileged to introduce our fans and followers to our courageous NEGU kid of the week, Savannah! Savannah is a 15 year old “all smiles” kinda girl! After being diagnosed with ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia) last October,…

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Sarah Simmons Supports Children Fighting Cancer

    Sarah Simmons, incredibly talented singer, songwriter and recent contest on the Voice, joins a wonderful list of celebrities and athletes who support children fighting cancer. Sarah is a big supporter of the Jessie Rees Foundation and hopes to…

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Stuffing the Perfect Mini JoyJar

Erik Rees, Jessie’s daddy, recently shared with our fans and followers tips on “How to Stuff the Perfect Mini JoyJar”. With so many wonderful people wanting to help support Jessie’s mission, Mini JoyJars were created as a way to spread…

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NEGU Adventures For Kids With Cancer

We are kicking NEGU up a notch and going out to seek extra cool opportunities of encouragement and joy for kids with cancer. The Jessie Rees Foundation’s newly announced NEGU Adventures are “one of a kind” sports and entertainment adventures designed…

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Chemotherapy Transforms to Superformula

JWT, a global ad agency, and Warner Bros Entertainment have teamed up to take cancer treatments for kids to a whole other world–the world of superheros! Working with the A.C. Camargo Cancer Center in Brazil, the team developed a plan…

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Re-Mission 2 Released- Games for Kids Fighting Cancer

With the help of former childhood cancer fighters, medical professionals and talented games developers, Hope Lab, a non profit organization, has proudly released it’s second collection of online games, Re-Mission 2. Re-Mission 2 is designed to help young cancer fighters…

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