Activities, games and ideas for children fighting cancer.

We NEGU For Savannah!


We are honored and privileged to introduce our fans and followers to our courageous NEGU kid of the week, Savannah! Savannah is a 15 year old “all smiles” kinda girl! After being diagnosed with ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia) last October, Savannah has refused to let cancer break her spirit and will not let cancer get in her way of dreaming big and enjoying her teen years.

Like many 15 year old girls, Savannah loves cheerleading, swimming, going to the beach and doing make up and nails with friends. Savannah’s cancer treatments over the past year have been difficult for her. However, despite it all, Savannah courageously keeps her head high, her smile bright and her positive attitude infectious to all those around her. Savannah says, “if I have to go through this, I might as well make the best of it and have a good attitude”.

After having a difficult time getting to remission, Savannah was determined to get back into her normal life at school and with her activities. It was only days after being released from the hospital, and with special release from her oncologist, when Savannah jumped back in with her cheer team to participate in her high school girls’ basketball state championships.

Among Savannah’s list of heroes are God, her mom, her nanny, Ashley Dobbs Vantrease, Lane Goodwin and all of her friends from clinic. Among our list of heros—Savannah!

Please join us in sending Savannah lots of notes of joy, hope and encouragement as we let her know we NEGU for Savannah!
You can visit Savannah at

Sarah Simmons Supports Children Fighting Cancer

celebrities who support childhood cancer awareness



Sarah Simmons, incredibly talented singer, songwriter and recent contest on the Voice, joins a wonderful list of celebrities and athletes who support children fighting cancer. Sarah is a big supporter of the Jessie Rees Foundation and hopes to raise money for children fighting cancer with the sales of her new debut album.

Thank you so much Sarah for supporting Jessie and all kids fighting cancer. We are so thankful to have your voice and your support for courageous kids. We NEGU for you!

You can visit Sarah at

Stuffing the Perfect Mini JoyJar

Erik Rees, Jessie’s daddy, recently shared with our fans and followers tips on “How to Stuff the Perfect Mini JoyJar”. With so many wonderful people wanting to help support Jessie’s mission, Mini JoyJars were created as a way to spread more JOY to our children, in our communities, and with our families and friends.

Team Building Ideas-JOYJARS



The Jessie Rees Foundation now offers compassionate groups, businesses,corporations the opportunity to get involved and give back to their communities and to help children fighting cancer around the world. By hosting a Mini JoyJar Stuffing event as a team building activity or service project, your employees or group members will have the opportunity to work together towards a goal, troubleshoot through important steps required to stuff joy for kids and have the opportunity to put smiles on hundreds of little faces.




Jessie's JoyJar rules



Jessie had some rules for stuffing the perfect JoyJar and Erik shares those tips in the video above. Some of Jessie’s specifics—(1) no cheesy toys! (2) Jars need to be filled to the rim with toys–little to no air. (3) Toys should be hospital approved and age appropriate. (4) all JoyJars should include one of Jessie’s NEGU bracelets–encouragement to Never Ever Give Up.

Are you looking for a great corporate team building activity or service project? Email Erik Rees at to learn more about how your team can bring Joy to kids fighting cancer around the world.

NEGU Adventures For Kids With Cancer

We are kicking NEGU up a notch and going out to seek extra cool opportunities of encouragement and joy for kids with cancer. The Jessie Rees Foundation’s newly announced NEGU Adventures are “one of a kind” sports and entertainment adventures designed to give courageous kids with cancer an opportunity to put treatments aside for a while for a special experience and lots of fun with celebrities and professional athletes.

Jessie Rees American Idol



During Jessie’s fight with cancer, she was invited to attend a taping of American Idol. Escorted in a limousine, Jessie and her family visited the Idol contestants backstage and enjoyed the show while she cheered on her favorite contestants! Knowing how much this experience meant to Jessie during her own treatment, the Jessie Rees Foundation will continue to offer these exciting, memorable moments for kids fighting cancer.

Rock Star Ayden




This past week, courageous fighter Ayden, AKA Rock Star Ayden, experienced his dream NEGU Adventure as joined the cast and contestants at the taping of the Voice! Escorted in a limousine, receiving VIP treatment, backstage visits and even rockin the drums for the audience, Rock Star Ayden had his own “one of a kind” experience.  Here is what Ayden’s mom tells us about their NEGU Adventure to the Voice, “this experience was so uplifting for his heart and mind! To have that feeling of the crowd, the energy, and to do something you’ve dreamed of for so long…well, it’s a pivotal moment”.

We are so excited for our next NEGU Adventures with some amazing courageous kids. What is your dream adventure?

Chemotherapy Transforms to Superformula

comics for kids fighting cancerJWT, a global ad agency, and Warner Bros Entertainment have teamed up to take cancer treatments for kids to a whole other world–the world of superheros! Working with the A.C. Camargo Cancer Center in Brazil, the team developed a plan to re-design the cancer center to be a superhero haven with a “Hall of Justice” (former game room) and superhero decor throughout. The intravenous chemotherapy bags have been transformed and re-branded as “super formula” and are encased in superhero character covers.

chemotherapyJWT and Warner Bros. also developed a series of superhero comic books, specifically designed for kids fighting cancer. In these comics, characters such as Super Woman, Batman, Spiderman and Wonder Woman undergo courageous journeys–similar to those taken by courageous kids fighting cancer.

JWT states on their website, “The first step in the fight against cancer is believing in the cure”.   Believing in the cure and encouraging children to Never Ever Give Up is what we will continue to do. A big thank you to JWT, Warner Bros and A.C. Camargo Cancer Center in Brazil for this huge boost of encouragement for kids fighting cancer. We NEGU for you!




Re-Mission 2 Released- Games for Kids Fighting Cancer

With the help of former childhood cancer fighters, medical professionals and talented games developers, Hope Lab, a non profit organization, has proudly released it’s second collection of online games, Re-Mission 2. Re-Mission 2 is designed to help young cancer fighters understand their conditions and to help motivate them through their continuing treatment plans.

HopeLab released Re-Mission 2, a collection of mini games, after the original collection Re-Mission was successful in encouraging positive motivation for young cancer fighters. In Re-Mission 2, kids use weapons such as chemotherapy, cancer drugs and their own bodies immunities to fight cancer.

Kids can play Re-Mission 2 directly at