Help bring JOY to courageous kids today!

Together with Keep the Faith and the Jessie Rees Foundation, you have the chance to spread joy to brave kids fighting cancer… like Hadley.

When her family found out seven-month-old Hadley had retinoblastoma – cancer in both eyes, even more rare than leukemia – they were stunned.

“I’d never even heard of it or knew that there was such a thing that could happen,” her dad said. “It all just came hard and fast within a three-day window.”

Their first JoyJars arrived on their second trip to the hospital, and Hadley’s dad was grateful for the relief the toys and games brought to both his daughters. Little Hadley loved snuggling on the stuffed animals, and her sister Audrey was so excited to have the new games.

“It made the hospital a place where Hadley wasn’t just poked and prodded,”he said. “And Audrey went from being bored and sad and sitting in a hospital room to, ‘Awesome! I’ve got new toys to play with. Daddy come color with me.’ It lit her up.”

Today, you can help bring the gift of joy to 15,000 kids fighting cancer. It’s only $25 to send one fun filled JoyJars to a courageous kid and help them Never Ever Give Up.

That means… 

  • Your gift of $75 sends JOY to 3 kids
  • A gift of $150 sends JOY to 6 kids
  • $300 sends JOY to 12 kids

And your generous gift of $1,000 will send joy to 40 brave kids fighting cancer!

We know the holidays are busy, so if you didn’t get a chance to give a JoyJar, you still have time! Give now to show these little ones that they’re loved and help encourage them to Never Ever Give Up.