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Courageous Kids fighting cancer are so brave. We are honored to encourage them daily through our ClubNEGU program. ClubNEGU is free for all Courageous Kids, their Super Sibs and parents. Each ClubNEGU family receives fun doses of hope, joy and love each month.

ClubNEGU’s Courageous Hadley was diagnosed with bilateral Retinoblastoma in May of 2018 at just 5 months old. She has been through 6 months of systemic chemotherapy, 2 MRIs, 7 examinations under anesthesia, and multiple blood draws.

Hadley has been through a lot in her first year of life and has persevered through it all. She continues to have examinations every 3 months to make sure there is no new growth in her eyes.

Hadley’s mom told us that the Jessie Rees Foundation’s encouragement through ClubNEGU has lifted Hadley’s spirits, as well as her big sister’s. When Hadley got her first JoyJar in the mail, her mom said “she was excited and enjoys putting in and taking out all of the items.” She said, “It means a lot to us to have this organization to bring smiles to both of our girls. Hadley fell in love with a dog that was sent to us in our last package from you and she sleeps with it every night.” We NEGU for Hadley! 

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