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NEGU Sports Adventures are a great way to get NEGU Athletes together with Courageous Kids to encourage them to NEGU -Never Ever Give Up! This special NEGU Sports Adventure took Austin and Austin S. to a Clemson Football game where they got to meet the entire team and get VIP access to all things Clemson!

Meet Austin & Austin S. :

Austin: On October 17, 2014 at the age of 10, Austin was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor which was later determined to be Ependymoma Stage II, a form of Brain Cancer. Austin underwent Brain Surgery to remove the tumor, which was followed by 6 1/2 weeks of Radiation. He loves baseball and football especially the Clemson Tigers. 5 months after his surgery, he was back on the field playing baseball! Today at age 11 he is a year CANCER FREE!!!!!! 

As part of his NEGU Sports Adventure, Austin got to go visit the Clemson Tigers Football team. Before the adventure to Clemson, Austin’s mom said, “We are so excited as we are HUGE Clemson Tiger fans! Austin is so excited!!!!!! Thank you again we can’t wait to go!!”


Austin S: Austin S. is a brilliant 10 yr. old young lady. She had her first brain surgery after a stroke in 2010 at the age of 5 where a blood clot was removed. Seizures started then as well as not being able to move her left side. She had to relearn to move her left side but it still has some weakness. In 2012 Austin had her second brain surgery where a tumor was removed from her right frontal lobe. The tumor was cancerous but it has no name because it’s made up of 9 different cancers. She went through radiation and chemo for this. In 2013 she was in Remission. 2014 came and another tumor was found.. it was in a new location, her cerebellum, and 3 down her spine. She received surgery for a biopsy of the one on her neck, which has now caused scoliosis. This tumor was the same as the one before and we had a grim diagnosis. Her mom says, “We did radiation but chemo was too much for her body. We just found out as of 10/21/2015 she is completely tumor free and our walking miracle! Thanks to God!”



DeShaun Watson and Clemson team rally to encourage kids to NEGU! 

DeShaun Watson, the Clemson quarterback, 2015 Heisman Trophy Nominee and #1 College QB in the country and the entire Clemson team and Staff hosted Austin and his family.  They were gifted with an overflowing bag of gifts, received tours of the players lounge, stadium and rode the tram with the team to the closed practice.  DeShaun Watson, who was introduced to Jessie Rees Foundation at Elite 11 in 2014 has not only made a point to help these kids Never Ever Give Up, but wears his NEGU Bracelet everyday.  DeShaun was gifted some handmade Gifts by each child and continues to wear the NEGU bracelet, as well. Coach Dabo Swinney, his brother Tracy Swinney made sure that the kids and their families felt special.

 THANK YOU DeShaun and the Clemson team for making this so special for Austin! We #NEGU for you! 

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