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Thank you for wanting to help support Jessie’s Wish and create your own fundraiser.  When it comes to fundraising, get creative and make sure you have “fun” doing it.  We have had kids, teens, adults, clubs, teams and corporations do all types of fundraising for us… so go for it!

Some ideas are: lemonade stands, bake sales, birthday party gifts, office casual-dress days for children fighting cancer, collecting change and running events.  If you need help creating your fundraiser and promoting it, please use our page on Crowdrise, which is a great place to start, share and complete a successful fundraiser.  Just go to

If you have other questions and want to speak to someone at JRF, please email Tina at

Thanks again for helping us help kids NEGU!


Can anyone hold a fundraiser? Yes! All you need is passion! We encourage our supporters to hold any type of fundraiser from a JoyDrive, birthday party, car wash to a walk-a-thon, 5k/marathon, or collecting change!  Everyone can make a difference and we encourage everyone to get involved!

Can I use your logo for my fundraiser flyers, banners etc.? Yes, as long as you sign our logo agreement form and we approve of how the logo will be used.

Can I use your logo to place on products to be sold? Yes, as long as you sign our logo agreement form, have the product approved by us & promise to donate the proceeds to Jessie Rees Foundation. Contact Tina Jensen ( for more information.

Can I use Jessie Rees Foundations Tax ID number for my fundraiser? Any/all use of Jessie Rees Foundation Tax I.D. number is restricted to use by our foundation for JRF led events.  If you would like your donors to get a tax-deduction for their donations, consider using CrowdRise to collect funds.

Can Jessie Rees Foundation provide insurance for my fundraising event? No, use of our insurance may not be transferred to you for your event.

Do you sell NEGU gear at a discounted price for my event? Yes, for large quantities.  You can contact our customer care coordinator, Tina Jensen ( for more information.

Can I have a Jessie Rees Foundation Representative/s attend my event? Yes, if schedules permit, and all expenses are covered.

Can I have my event/fundraiser promoted on Jessie Rees Foundation Facebook Fanpage? No, we would not be able to use our social media platform to promote your event. The goal is to use our social media to keep Jessie’s mission moving forward by raising awareness and support of other courageous kids and resources to support them in their fight.  Although, occasionally, when fundraising funds have been received we will do a shout out on Facebook to encourage others to join our efforts!

Will I/my supporters receive a tax-deductible receipt from Jessie Rees Foundation? A tax-deductible receipt will be provided from us only if each individual pays the funds directly to Jessie Rees Foundation.  If CrowdRise is used for fundraising, CrowdRise will provide the tax-deductible receipt.

What is Crowdrise? CrowdRise is a tested, secure and amazing platform to start, promote and track your custom fundraiser. You simply sign-up on and then click on “start a fundraiser”. During this process, you will be asked to pick the charity you wish to support through your event. You will want to type in “NEGU Foundation” and then select us.  The NEGU Foundation was our original filing name with the IRS.