kids battling cancer across the world

We are so honored to have had the opportunity to partner up with World Child Cancer, for a special delivery to some very special children across the globe. Last week, Jessie’s JoyJars were delivered to Bangladesh!!

World Child Cancer, a UK-based charity, is dedicated to serving children fighting cancer in low to middle income countries. According to World Child Cancer, the survival rate for children with cancer in low to middle income countries is only 10%, leaving an estimated 100,000 children to die from cancer each year from lack of diagnosis and treatment options. Many of these children suffer through cancer without effective pain relief*

Jessie's JoyJars Arrive in Bangladesh

Like World Child Cancer, the Jessie Rees Foundation is dedicated to serving children battling cancer across the globe. JoyJars have been delivered to children in over 200 US children’s hospitals and hospitals in 10 other countries!

For kids fighting cancer in low to middle income countries, Jessie’s gift of joy and message to NEGU- Never Ever Give Up, just might be that one thing that helps them focus on something else besides cancer, something to smile about, something to distract from the pain.

A big thank you to World Child Cancer for allowing us the opportunity to share Jessie’s message of encouragement to some amazing children in Bangladesh. We NEGU for them and for all kids fighting cancer around the world.

*Source- World Child Cancer Website.