Pro TeamNEGU Member Charlie Houchin shares NEGU at Duke Children's Hosptial

DUKE CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL  – Pro TeamNEGU member, Charlie Houchin shared NEGU and handed our JoyJars at Duke Children’s Hospital Monday.  Houchin won a gold medal in London and loves to give back to his community.  As a member of Pro TeamNEGU Charlie supports the Jessie Rees Foundation by encouraging kids to Never Ever Give Up and delivering Joy Jars to patients at the hospital.

Rees was a girl 12 year old girl with two inoperable brain tumors. She and her family set up the foundation to encourage kids dealing with cancer and other terminal illnesses to Never Ever Give Up!

As for the kids, they were all happy to receive their Joy Jars — filled with toys and other comforting items. Though, some of them seem more excited to check out the olympians’ gold medal.

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A Bat Mitzvah Blessing…

A beautiful young lady named Mackinsey Goldman held her Bat Mitzvah on May 5th, 2012.  Instead of counting on all of her relatives and friends to make a lot of money on this event, she chose to ask each of her Bat Mitzvah attendees to bring one small item with them so that it will go into JoyJars.   Mackinsey was good friends with Jessie and also swam with her.

fter Jessie was diagnosed, Mackinsey knew she wanted to help Jessie reach her dream of distributing 50, 000 JoyJars in 2012 so she chose to walk dogs and watch over people’s pets before and after school every day.

By doing so, Mackinsey raised over $700 over the past year, and has helped out in filling jars in the Joy Factory and helped deliver them to children fighting cancer at a local hospital.  It is with the help of compassionate kids like Mackinsey that Jessie’s dream continues to reach children all over the world.  To see how much Jessie has changed the lives of other children, seeing girls like Mackinsey wanting to help other children, it is simply amazing.

It is with tremendous gratitude that we thank Mackinsey Goldman for raising over $700 and donating toys for the JoyJars.  Jessie is smiling knowing her friends are making a difference in the lives of others.


Pediatric Cancer Survivor &
Intern, Jessie Rees Foundation

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